Programs For Musicians and Artists

Resource Exchange
The BELTÀ team is working to develop an interface that allows artists from different disciplines to connect and exchange services and share resources.
LaunchPad Funding Tool Kit
In today’s economic climate, artists must be as creative and as collaborative as possible. BELTÀ has created an online tool kit that allows artists to effectively generate financial support for upcoming concerts, exhibitions and fine arts projects. We offer this service FREE to artists, we award 100% of funds collected directly to the artists, and we award funds generated whether or not the project reaches its total funding goal. If you are an artist or musician with an upcoming fine arts project, and you'd like to learn more about how you can use LaunchPad to generate support, contact us.
Internship Program
The BELTÀ internship program has been a great success since the spring 2011 semester. As active members of the BELTÀ team, our interns have the opportunity to build their professional portfolios with tangible work experience. They hone their professional writing skills, collaborate on marketing campaigns and development activities, spearhead recruitment efforts for the LaunchPad Program, organize events for artists, and promote featured artists in person at concerts and events. BELTÀ envisions expanding the internship program beyond the Austin area in collaboration with other arts organizations in the future.
Feedback and Response
BELTÀ is committed to communicating with artists and musicians to identify the needs of the community and areas where our programming can help fill in the gaps. In response to ideas shared by artists in our 2010 fine arts career survey, we organized a workshop on tax preparation for musicians and visual artists. More responses to artist requests are in the works.
Career Development
BELTÀ plans to offer both educational and financial career support to fine artists. A free seminar series on career related topics as well as financial award programs are in the works.
Artists In Need
The BELTÀ team will endeavor to create a fund on which artists can draw during times of serious financial hardship.