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June 01st, 2018
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About The Artist

Brittany Trinite

Brittany Trinité is a musician and in training to become a board certified music therapist (MT-BC). She attended Southwestern University for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Music and graduated in 2011. She has pursued independent study to fulfill supplemental coursework for music therapy certification and enjoys researching music therapy's relation to behavior, physical and emotional pain management, and how music works in the brain in general. Brittany produces and performs in shows, such as "Drag me to the Opera", her variety show in collaboration with the Austin International Drag Foundation. She enjoys swimming, hiking, fantasy stories, and writing. Brittany hopes to one day contribute to Alzheimer's research. 

Hi! I'm Brittany. I'm a music therapy student in the distance learning program of Saint Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. I am in school to become a board certified music therapist. In order to do this, I need to complete my school's equivalency certification program, attend several residencies on campus in Indiana, and complete internships with a licensed music therapist. In addition, I must continue studies in voice, piano, guitar, and potentially other instruments to supplement the music I can make with future clients! I chose this program because of its reputability and to continue working as I go through school. While it definitely helps to have income, it is still difficult to make a living and make enough to pay for college (and guitar lessons and other resources) out of pocket.

That's where Crafty Notes comes in. I would like to give back to those who would like to help me! Each person who donates will receive a personal thank you note and random fact (with credited source) that I have learned in my music therapy certification journey. There is so much to learn! I would love to share tidbits of knowledge about music therapy and hopefully, spread the word about some of the great discoveries and progress made in the field.


The Bonny Method of Guided Music Imagery, or using music to work with memories, is very useful for turning negative emotions associated with memories into positive ones. Music can help shape how the memory is viewed and remembered, and the feelings connected to it.
Sang Eun Lee, PhD, FAMI, Yeji Han, PhD, HyunWook Park, PhD; Neural Activations of Guided Imagery and Music in Negative Emotional Processing: A Functional MRI Study. J Music Ther 2016; 53 (3): 257-278. doi: 10.1093/jmt/thw007:

For each level of donation, there is a gift that I will craft along with the personalized thank you and music therapy fact! Anything in between each level will receive the closest lower level's crafted goody.


  • You've got a Friend in Me, $10: Colorful woven or pressed flower bookmark
  • Noteworthy Gratitude, $50: Set of 5 handmade blank cards w/envelopes
  • Thank you for Being a Friend, $100: 3 recorded songs, self accompanied, from the prescribed music therapy song list, admission to benefit recital in 2018
  • Bohemian Rhapsody, $500: CD of 3 requested songs, admission to benefit recital in 2018
  • Something to Sing About, $501+: Any 3 items above and admission to benefit recital in 2018


Tuition Cost: $3,210/semester x 2 = $6,420
Supplies for Project (paper, CDs, string, laminate, grid for bookmarks): $200

TOTAL: $6620

Not comfortable donating online?  We accept donations via check as well.  Please mail donations to BELTÀ, 1712 E. Riverside Dr., Suite 25, Austin, TX 78741.  Be sure to mark "Brittany Trinite" in the memo line so that your support can be routed towards this project.  To receive an emailed receipt, include your email address with the donation or send us a quick note at [email protected] to let us know the donation is on the way.