Jerry Ross, painter - Residency in Borseda

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September 30th, 2015
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About The Artist

Photo of painter Jerry Ross
Jerry Ross, Painter

B. Buffalo, N.Y. 1944. Attended Buffalo Art Institute (Albright Art School). Studied privately under Anthony Sisti. Involved in anti-war activism while at the University of Buffalo. Moved to Arizona to teach grade school on Arizona-Mexican border. Arrived in Eugene in 1974 and became an arts activist as President of New Zone Art Collective and later co-founding the Salon des Refuses, a large annual  alternative exhibit in Eugene. Frequently traveled to Italy with his wife Angela Ross meeting WWII GIs in Livergnano near Bologna and later made a film of interviews of WWII vets  at WWII Museum in New Orleans. Exhibits in Rome, Florence,  Milan, Bologna, and Terni in Italy. Recently collaborating with Italian film makers in Milan on a documentary film for the 2015 Expo. Created a style...

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"Macchia" is an Italian word for "spot" or "stain" but essentially it means a quick oil sketch capturing in a few strokes the basic and accurate structure as well as impact of some scene or objects. This is made possible by limiting the sketch to at most 4-values and the artist's palette to a limited number of colors organized into a color pool.

The macchia paintings will have a strong (some say "extreme") chiaroscuro (light vs. dark) which makes for a bold contrast between the background and the foreground. The pictorial space is reduced to at most seven basic shapes. There is an attention to the paintings surface and texture.  

Areas are often scraped out with a razor knife and evidence of these changes or corrections (pentimenti) are left showing to leave evidence of the artist's process. Often macchia sketches are more interesting than a finished work. They retain strong abstract qualities and when viewed close up reveal vigorous descriptive brushstrokes which are left on the surface and not blended in.  Although landscapes are the most common, macchie can represent figures, portraits, and other subject matter.

My goal for the Rensing Center Residency in Borseda will be to paint in these Italian “macchia” and “ verismo” styles while continuing to work on further research into "bozzetto a olio d'invenzione”,  a competitive exercise used by the Roman Academy (bozzetto estemporano).  I will use this approach to create a series of paintings based on life in Borseda, its mountains, vistas, and people. 

As a longstanding and established painter, this residency will give me  the opportunity to develop an integrated and fresh body of work based on my current interests and research.

In addition, I would like to explore the canyons and more rugged mountain paths near Borseda. It seems that this area would provide inspiration and exactly the right type of terrain for macchie based sketches and landscapes. 

More specifically, my panting style has drawn from Italian sources of inspiration for many years. In this residency, I will have an opportunity to put many theories to the test and be able to create a body of work inspired by the mountain environment of Borseda. My work will consist in contemporary paintings of (hopefully) great expressive power while remaining accurate and representational. These works will find their way into exhibits in the States and in Italy.

Budget for 3 Month Residency in Borseda with the Rensing Center

Flight                    $3,000
Room & Board       2,400
Food                      1,200
Rental Car             2,000 
Art Supplies           3,000
Health Insurance   2,000
Incidentals                200
Total                    $13,800

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