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September 30th, 2013
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About The Artist

Tai Collins, Tenor

Born in 1985 in Georgetown, Texas, and raised in Austin, Tai Collins always had a knack for music, but it wasn’t until piano lessons at an early age that his true talents began to shine. He sang in High School, promptly taking center stage in the choir. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music in Vocal Performance at Texas Woman’s University, where he also studied organ and classical guitar. An interdisciplinary approach to musicality and performance germinated and has since bloomed a Tenor voice currently sought in the Austin area.

He has been a featured soloist with Austin Vocal Arts Ensemble, Austin Civic Chorus, and St. David’s Episcopal Church Choirs, with whom he also serves as Tenor section leader. He recently performed with the Wimberly Starlight Symphony Orchestra as...

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Greetings friends, this summer I plan on traveling to Sicily for the Mediterranean Opera Studio program under the direction of Gioacchino (Jack) Lauro Li Vigni, with master classes with Marcello Giordani, Salvatori Fisichella, Pietro Ballo, and many others. The program entails lessons in Italian and daily master classes. I plan on singing the repertoire that I want to use to audition for the Yale school of music's Early Music Masters program, which focuses on concert singing.

For the program I have selected the following repertoire: 

  • Comfort Ye / Ev'ry Valley, G. F. Handel, 
  • Benedictus from Mass in b minor, J. S. Bach

  • Domine Deus from Petite Messe Solenelle, G.Rossini, 
  • Morgen, R. Strauss, 
  • Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schon, W. A. Mozart, 
  • Gia il sole dal Gange, A. Scarlatti, 
  • Don Quichotte a Dulcinee, M. Ravel, 
  • among others yet unselected

The program, which runs from July 28 - August 18th, will give me a better chance at succeeding when I apply to grad schools this fall. As you know recordings, travel, voice lessons, and summer music programs are not cheap. To supplement my own aspirations, I have taken on an additional job aside from my rigorous performance and teaching schedule to see my plans through to the end.

I will be recording all of my performances, and selecting only the best cuts for your listening pleasure!

My Goal

     The primary fire underneath me has been a desire to sing as a concert soloist on the big stage. I have been working very hard since I finished my undergrad, and it has come to my attention that due to my age, I only have a few years left to try to get into a prestigious graduate school program. My top choice is the early music program at Yale. They cater to concert singing, and soloist opportunities. I’ve been a number of different singers in my life so far, but I want to further my classical studies, and what better opportunity than this to give it a shot. I’ve enjoyed singing the solos with the choirs I am part of, and I’d love more than anything to travel the world singing my heart out with talented musicians!

Why Should You Contribute?

     I have not felt a drive like this beneath me in years, and I’m doing everything in my power to achieve my goal. I’ve been donating my time with Austin Civic Chorus and Austin Vocal Arts Ensemble while working with St. David’s Episcopal Church choirs as a section leader and soloist while teaching over 15-20 students on a fluctuating schedule. This amounts to a 30 plus hour work week once rehearsals, practice, and drive time are taken into account. I have recently taken up a barista job working from 4:30am-12:00pm M-F to supplement my income. Added up I’m pulling in about 60 hours a week. I’m giving my 110% to make sure my goals are reached! I'm asking for your help and support. I’m not asking for your all, but If you can find 5% within yourself just to help get me started, I could easily reach my goal. I would be more than appreciative of any contribution to my future.

Thank You Gifts

For your benefaction, your name will be featured in the notes of the final CD of my most popular vocal selections, both current and from my experience in Sicily. The digital copy will be available to anyone who contributes.

  • Anyone who Donates $50 or more will receive a free copy of the CD, plus a letter of gratitude.
  • Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive the previously mentioned item, plus a hand made T-shirt proclaiming your true awesomeness, certified by me.
  • Anyone who donates $500 or more, I will return the favor with 4 hours worth of voice lessons upon my return, plus the afore mentioned items.
  • Anyone who donates $1000 will receive all aforementioned items plus a house concert on your behalf of not only selected pieces of my choice, but I’ll learn a few of your favorites too! The concert will include a spread of fine wines and cheeses for you and your 25 closest friends!
  • Anyone who donates $2500 will receive all aforementioned items (yes, the cheese and wine concert) plus a full on 5-course dinner for 8 with my secret personal chefs and no, I won’t tell you who they are; it’s a secret.


Mediterranean Opera Project:

  • Tuition: $3,100
  • Flight: $2,000
  • Food: $1,000

Total: $6,100

Grad School Applications and Travel:

  • Recordings - $100
  • Applications - $100
  • Travel - $400

Total: $600 X 3 Schools (Yale, Boston Conservatory, Eastman School Of music)=$1,800


Don't forget about the fundraising concert on Sunday, May 5th.  St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin, 7 pm.  More info at

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