Eryn Bauer - Bassoon Recital

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August 31st, 2012
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Most people I encounter know what a bassoon looks like, and that it has a place in the orchestra.  But would they be able to pick out its sound? Or tell you what type of chamber groups you would most likely be able to find it in?  I am giving a bassoon recital in Houston to help give our audiences a better idea of what these unique instruments sound like in a solo setting and in common chamber settings. 

In addition to educating Houston audiences about wind instruments, this concert will also be an opportunity to expand the repertoire available for bassoon.  Stephen Bachicha is currently finishing his DMA in composition at the Shepherd School of Music, and I have commissioned him to write a solo bassoon piece.  This piece will consist of a few short character pieces inspired by the cartoon Duck Tales.  Below is an example of one of Steve's works, and I am playing bassoon in the ensemble.


This is a great time in my career to give such a recital.  I work for Ars Lyrica Houston, and have many new contacts, potential audience members, and marketing strategies through them.  I have lived in Houston for 2 years now, and know enough people outside musical settings to spread the word and encourage people to become new concert-goers.  Below is an example of the Arabesque Winds woodwind quintet playing music by August Klughardt.


The recital will be on Friday, August 3rd at 7:30 in Parish Hall of Christ the King Lutheran Church.  It is a beautiful, intimate hall that seats 150.  The program will be very interactive, with introductions to the pieces and short explanations and allegories of the featured instruments.  There will be a reception following the concert with baked goods and lemonade.

Fantasy for Bassoon: Malcolm Arnold
Duet for Oboe and Bassoon: Hector Villa Lobos 
      Erin Tsai - oboe
Quintette: Jean Francaix
      Izumi Miyahara - flute
      Erin Tsai - oboe
      James Johnson - clarinet
      Katharine Caliendo - horn
A newly commissioned 4-5 minute bassoon solo by Stephen Bachicha


Thank You Gifts

All donors will be listed in the program.
Donors $50+ receive a CD of the recital
Donors $100+ will receive a DVD


Project Budget

Hall Rental: $150 for concert and dress rehearsal.
Commission: $300 for 5-6 minute solo bassoon piece.
Printing Programs and flyers (will include list of donors): $50
Honorariums: $100 for oboist, $150 for remaining musicians, $150 for Eryn
Reception food/beverages: $50
Travel stipend: $50

Total: $1,000


Not comfortable donating online?  We accept donations via check as well.  Please mail donations to BELTÀ, 1712 E. Riverside Dr., Suite 47, Austin, TX 78741.  Be sure to mark "Eryn Bauer" in the memo line so that your support can be routed towards this project.

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