Call for Fine Arts Projects

Planning a gallery exhibition, concert series or music festival? Attending a summer arts program? Going on an audition tour? The BELTÀ LaunchPad can help you generate the funds to make it happen.

How it works: We showcase fine arts projects on our website and collect donations online and via mail. We also promote our featured artists and projects via social media, and provide information on strategies for success. At the conclusion of each project’s time table, 100% of funds collected are distributed directly to the artist. There is no charge to use the BELTÀ LaunchPad funding toolkit. Funds collected are awarded to artists whether or not the project reaches its total funding goal. IMPORTANT: While BELTÀ has no fees, our credit card processing service charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. Mailed donations such as checks will be processed and reflected in web space within 14 days.

What are the benefits? Donations received through BELTÀ are tax deductible - a great motivation for donors. Our system makes supporting your project easy and convenient. Having a centralized way to collect donations helps you stay organized. Every artist who sends their supporters to the BELTÀ site generates excitement and awareness about how important it is to support emerging artists. This collaborative aspect of our program can increase your project’s exposure to potential supporters.

How to apply: Send a brief description of your upcoming project, an itemized budget, timetable, and samples of your work (links to websites, recordings, etc.) to [email protected].

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