Mission Statement

BELTÀ (bell-TAH) - From Italian; meaning beauty.

BELTÀ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps the fine arts grow by providing career development support to artists and musicians.
Choosing to pursue a career in the fine arts is a life-altering act, and bringing that decision to fruition is a hefty and continual challenge. Without varied support, artists can become overwhelmed, lose hope, or simply abandon ship under the weight of financial burden just when they are on the brink of full artistic maturity and great achievement.

BELTÀ aims to make success possible for people of all backgrounds by showcasing the talent, vision, and dedication of emerging artists and connecting them with people who are inspired to lend a helping hand.

BELTÀ fosters a non-competitive, collaborative environment among all arts non-profits, and between all artists in an effort to strengthen, connect, and empower the capacity of the disciplines to grow and flourish with as few barriers to success as possible.

Be for Beauty. Be for Creativity. Be Generous. Be for BELTA.


Board Members

Dana Zenobi
Page Stephens
Agnes Vojtko
Carol Kreuscher


BELTÀ was created in 2010 when three like-minded fine arts professionals crossed paths in Texas. The founders recognized a need for different types of fine arts career support and an opportunity to contribute in a unique way. All BELTA board members are actively engaged in building careers in the fine arts. We are accustomed to thinking creatively, doing a lot on a shoestring budget, and maintaining a strong work ethic. In addition to first-hand knowledge of the rewards and challenges of choosing a professional life centered in the fine arts, the BELTA board shares a sincere desire to build careers collaboratively, to treat colleagues respectfully, and to engage the public passionately.

Special Thanks

We would like to give special thanks to the following people and organizations that have enabled BELTÀ get off the ground:

GenerousArt.org - Thank you for partnering with us to generate funds that support Austin artists.
Allison Supancic - The University of Texas at Austin Regional Foundation Library - invaluable guidance on all things nonprofit
Pixolyte Studios - Website design
Ann McNair - UT Fine Arts Career Services
Frances Leos MartinezTexas CBAR - legal services
Gary Sorden - Thompson and Knight, LLP -  intellectual property legal services
Katy Lumpkin
- Bickerstaff, Heath, Delgado and Acosta, LLP - contract legal services
Nathalie Ekobo
business advising
Sandra Vanway, CPA - tax preparation seminar presentation
Hank Becker, CPA -  accounting services
Sarah Johnson - logo design